Knowing is not enough, we must apply.
Being willing is not enough, we must do

Leonardo Da Vinci

Trusted Advisory

It is difficult to get a man to understand something
when his salary depends on his not understanding it

John Sinclair

Best Practices

Unless a capacity for thinking is not accompanied by
a capacity for action, a superior mind exists in torture

Benedetto Croce


The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now

Chinese proverb

Procurement and Buying

Our procurement projects create additional value for our customers on multiple levels, paramount among them taking out costs, making your internal processes much more efficient and streamlined and improving the toolbox of  our customers’ procurement departments. Together with our software partners, we are transforming your workflow into a world class procurement organization! Our fields of expertise include e.g. international sourcing, negotiation trainings, cluster & commodity strategies, DTC workshops, game-theoretical approaches, supplier audits & supplier risk assessments.

Process Innovation and Quality Management

Studies have shown that there are only two reliable and critical long-term success factors for companies: Innovation and customer satisfaction. The main driver of the latter is a non-compromising sense for quality in both your products and services. We support our customers on projects that strive for quality improvements. Our approach reaches deeply into your manufacturing processes, includes the entire supply chain, uses best practice sharing and industry benchmarks and helps you focus on Key Performance Indicators that are worth their salt

Supply Chain Initiatives

We show great expertise in supply chain-related initiatives in multiple extensive projects with our DAX- and Dow-Jones-listed clients – both with regional and global scope, both with insourcing and outsorcing strategies. Our methods help gain efficiency across different industries and at different steps in your supply chain. Our experts have rock solid backgrounds in production, logistics, retail, finance and IT solutions, our hands-on approach ensures transfer of improvement strategies into tactical day-to-day operation. Wherever in the Global Village that may have to be!

Change Management and Post-Merger Integration

The industrial logic behind many mergers and takeovers sounds perfectly clear. Savings potential and efficiency gains look very enticing. But how do you get to the promised land? We support our European and North American customers by using a structured cross-functional approach. Communication and feasibility are key components of our strategy, constant self-absorption to the detriment of customers’ needs is not. Our cross-cultural teams comprise of local and international experts to balance out the interests of all stakeholders involved. Did we mention that we work well with unions?

Restructuring and Reorganization

If the markets are in downturn, a lot of consultants suddenly morph into reorganization and restructuring experts. O.k., man’s got to eat, but you have to stay authentic and trustworthy. Has your consultant done more than 200 cases of restructuring analyses and turnaround projects? Over the last decades, we learned that approx. north of 70% of all successful restructurings include some kind of additions or replacements of partners on the capital side. Does your consultant have the wherewithal when it comes to direct connections to banks, investors and equity funds?

Interim Management and Program Office

The ideas behind a corporate-wide initiative appear clear and concise. It usually gets quite tricky quite quickly when your company is facing the challenge to transition these ideas into tangible and workable work steps across a multitude of branches and locations in a region or around the globe. Our cross-cultural team can help you achieve your goals by managing complex global initiatives, in particular with HQs based in Europe or North America. In contrast to global consulting players, the consultants and managers you’ll see in our sales pitch are the actual experts you’ll get




Interim Management

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